For our God is a consuming fire.

-Hebrews 12:29

Friday, January 8, 2010

Visions & SugarPlums Danced in her Head

During an art festival last October, we ran across a series of lovely paper accordion books. Large sizes had been used as wedding albums or memento holders. Opened up they could be hung on a wall, or folded in book form for a shelf. I thought they would make the perfect backdrop for a vision board for 2010. The husband (thank you!) bought me a small accordion book, so delicate and beautiful, for my Christmas stocking. It's the perfect size for carrying in my purse as a regular reminder of the hopes I hold dear, and the visions I wish to manifest.

Soon after the New Year, I set to work at putting visions to paper, collage-style. Starting with my mantra: "Love Jesus, Live Fearless, Seek Wisdom, Create Beauty," I created three foci for each phrase. It worked out quite well as the accordion book had 14 total pages. This was a perfect fit for a verso, 12 focus points (one for each month) and a closing page.
Here are some pics of the almost final product. All that's left is to write is the monthly focus on the other side of each fold.

You can see how wee the book truly is. 1/2 the size of a tivo remote.

Yet opened up, it's almost as long as the futon!

The foldouts are not in mantra order.
See, I'm living fearless already. oy.

"Create Beauty"
"Love Jesus"

"Live Fearless"
"Seek Wisdom"

Thank you Santa/husband for visions & sugarplums for Christmas! This gift keeps giving well into the New Year.

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