For our God is a consuming fire.

-Hebrews 12:29

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Frommage Homage

What do you call a low-key, yet celebratory outing? It's a "Happy Congratulations" event of course. The husband has finished his last Masters level class! A sure call for high cheese intake, multiple wine pours and al fresco enjoyment.

I love Virginia, and this odd chill of spring. Soon, it will be too hot to trot, and I'll be too pooped to pop outside. So, I was revelling in this evening's loverly outdoor air. We ordered a three cheese plate at the dairymazing Cheestique. Per a waiter error (the Dante and the Comte cheese order sounded a lot alike and he brought the wrong one), we got a fourth cheese for free! HAPPY CONGRATULATIONS to me!!

Oh yes, a Happy Congratulations to you too, husband for three years of hard educational labor. In your homage, I offer you frommage.
(and a Florida vacation this weekend).

What do you and your S.O. do for a mild, mid-week Happy Congratulations?


Flip Wilson said...

Drink a 12-pack of Mich Ultra and watch The First 48. Maybe turn the AC down an additional degree. That's partying Tallahassee stylee. Congratulations to Jesse.

veggievixen said...

thanks for your comment! you can actually read all about my stay at yogaville at :)

happy reading.