For our God is a consuming fire.

-Hebrews 12:29

Friday, May 1, 2009

DC Yoga Week

I may be setting myself up for a fall, but not from lack of balance.

This Saturday, May 2nd heralds in DC Yoga Week 2009. The purpose of this themed week is to expose the benefits of yoga to the masses. Classes are offered by many DC studios for $5.00 or free. Being a yoga fan already, I think this is a great opportunity to access studios I might not have otherwise visited, and it pushes my frugality button in the right way. Plus, DC Yoga Week makes a heckuva lot more sense than some of the other weeks we could be celebrating such as:

*Bread Pudding Exchange Week
*National Fairy Godmother Week
(these are unsuprisingly much more difficult to substaintiate)

Not to be monogamous with my week's celebrations, I will admit that we may wish to simulataneously honor these gems complementing the same healthy, environmentally aware notions as yoga:

Ok, back to falling. I'd LIKE to experience as many different classes and studio offerings as I can. With a full time job and living outside the District, this means planning to attend evening classes. While fine in theory, I know myself. I'll start out of the box quick, getting there early to ensure a spot, wearing clean workout attire, prepared to flex, stretch and breathe. But by mid-week, if my past is any indicator of future actions, I'm going to be tired, less motivated and dreading the rush hour traffic. I may be tempted to 'recycle' my yoga wear without running a load of laundry, or other aggregious acts prompting those near me to hold their prana. So, yoga in DC every day of the week may be pushing the edge of my committment.

Yoga is in part about pushing our edges: how long can I hold a pose, will I be able to go further today than I did previously, will I respect my changing boundaries regardless and be present in the moment? Let's just see if I can participate without judging myself. That alone would be an improvement from my typical routine. Well, that and a daily workout of any nature. I'm more of a 3 workouts/week gal. It fits nicely into my laundry routine so I don't have to "borrow" skivvies from the worn clothes bin. Not that I would ever do that. Namaste.

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