For our God is a consuming fire.

-Hebrews 12:29

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's HOT outside, yet I've got the Shivers.

The Midnight Shivers, that is. Here's me standing in front of Samantha Crain at Shakori Hills - my all time favorite music festival. Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers offer up a folky, rootsy blend of music, and she/they took up the Meadow and Grove stages at Shakori the weekend before last. They'll be making their way back to the DC area this summer playing at the Kennedy Center and at the National Museum of American Indian. Sing it sister.

Another group we saw that was new to me, was Songs of Water. Loved them so much I bought the CD onsite. (Yes, I'm still buying CDs so I can listen to the music in my Jeep Cherokee circa 1999. Thus, no mp3 access.) Songs of Water is a larger, experimental band with 8+ muscians depending on which show you're watching. It feels like they are a 15 piece orchestra, as each member plays up to 5 different instruments, switching back and forth between and sometimes during the songs. During their set at the Cabaret Tent, band lead Stephen Roach mentioned that the next song did not yet have a title. As I was almost lifted up off my arse by the power of the music, I told the husband I thought the song should be titled "Ascension". However, the very next song name was "To Leave the Ground Behind". At lesat I was picking up what they were putting down.

Perhaps one can notice a theme of transcendency from their music? I highly encourage readers to give a listen to these two up and comers! They made my festival experince that much more awesome; well, them, the first blush of spring weather and the liquid elixir of champions.


Jason said...

Glad you enjoyed our music. Thanks so much for listening.
--Jason Windsor
--Songs of Water

AblazeyDaisy said...

Of course! We've been following you via Reverb Nation ever since. Will Songs of Water be back at Shakori in October? We hope to see you there.