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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is enamel a filling food?

Today I chipped a tooth; my left front tooth to be exact. One might think it reasonable that I chipped a tooth whilst braving the current icy sidewalks and streets. Or that I ran into, fell from or headbutted something. But no, I chipped my tooth biting into a veggie wrap. It's not noticeable at this point to anyone but the tip of my tongue flicking over and over this new, miniscule groove.

But oh the suckage if this chip expands! And what rot that it took place while eating something relatively benign...althought there were raw carrots in the wrap and I was eating in a famished fervor. The sound and grating when it happened made me (momentarily) forget that I was so hungry. I ran to the mirror to see if I still HAD a tooth; which I did. Later, after coming to terms with the fact that my tooth was still 98% in tact, I wondered if the voracious way in which I was attacking my food had something to do with the split? What if I'd been more careful biting into my sprouts, onions, carrots, lettuce, peppers and wheat?

Maybe I WOULD be more careful if I wasn't so freaking hungry!! So here's the moral to my story: I joined Weight Watchers a few weeks back. I've not really dropped much weight b/c I've been drinking too much alcohol at times and then eating the requisite greasy, high fat, high point foods afterwards. But I am done about 1.5 pounds (in a month and a half...not great in my opinion) It's my own fault. What I will positively credit WW with is my enhanced awareness at what goes into my system.
Their new Momentum plan (released right when I started so I'm unfamiliar w/ any other plans) focuses on FILLING FOODS. I've been hearing this for several weeks now , but today's eating episodes proves their point. I had an appointment this morning, and did not eat before going. So I was stomach growly around 10:30 and wanting some joe and breakfast. There was a Brugger's Bagel nearby (free wifi!), and I was prepared with my WW Dining Out Guide in my purse.
I ordered the lowest point breakfast I could find: a honey wheat bagel toasted (6 pts) and plain light cream cheese (2). 8 points is 3 more than I usually have for breakfast when I make it myself at home. As an aside, I've been having 3 egg whites with a dab of hot habenero jelly on either a whole wheat english muffin or low cal bread. The food portion of my at home breakfasts are either 3 or 4 points. I always allow myself a point's worth of flavored creamer in my coffee. It's my daily survival technique. So for a max of 5 points, I've made a tasty breakfast and I can usually go ok until lunchtime. Eggs are a filling food (alas, bread of all kinds is not).

Today's bread only breakfast had me hungry only 2 hours later. I staved it off with so zero point veggie broth, which was nice on this snowy, icy day. But another hour later I was dying for some real food. So I made this HUMONGOUS veggie wrap for only 2 points (veggies are freebies and the wrap itself was the 2 points) with zero point condiments of mustard and horseradish. I was so hungry and fully convinced to inhaled this major meal which I tried to do. I attacked my wrap, and paid a penance with my tooth.

To fully round out the day, I was much more full (veggies are freebies AND filling foods) after my wrap. I later made a hot potatoe salad out of 3 small new potatoes, a box of frozen spinach, a blend of fat free sour cream and fat free mayo, dill and pepper (3 points for the potatoes, 1 point for the condiments). Again, very full afterwards. So, the moral of my story is: this filling food thing is for real! I have the chipped tooth to proof it.
ps - apparently chipped ham is also NOT a filling food. Lean ham slices however, are.

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