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-Hebrews 12:29

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Flashback via Facebook

I'm sure many folks have read/been tagged/heard about the "25 Things" on Facebook. I broke down yesterday and filled it out for myself. In the process, I also added a Facebook link to this blog. I'll post the list here just for kicks.

25 Things About Me
1. I have 2 cats each weighing in at over 20 lbs. (more to love)
2. I didn't learn to whistle until I was 15.
3. They say you don't know a language until you can dream in it. I used to dream in French. That was 15 years ago. Now I'm fluent in Franglais which I speak regularly with my Dad so no one else can understand us. It's a hybrid of long ago grasped French vocabulary and English spoken with a French accent.
4. I was born w/out enamel on all of my molars.
5. Music festivals are my favorite way to truly relax. Maybe it's the not showering for days straight or often being out of bberry range...regardless, the music/camping combo is a wonderful thing!
6. I've had 4 jobs (same company) and 4 different residences in less than 3 years.
7. I make up jingles on the spot several times a week. Random songs about the dishwasher or the doorbell or whatever mundane thing is going on at the moment. Jesse says if 'they' can make a hit out of "that's Jared" or "Subway, eat fresh", I ought to change careers and make us rich.
8. I have a fascination with skulls. Alas poor Yorick... And with peacocks. But not with peacock skulls.
9. I used to smoke Marlboro Lights, then Marlboro Reds, then Parliaments. Now, I can't stand the smell and wish VA would get it's head out of the p*ass*t and legislate smoking out of public places.
10. Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girls are 2 great tv vices.
11. While I'm not superstitious, 13 has always been a lucky number for me.
12. I got my first solo apt in law school. Loving life on my own so much, I didn't want to go home for all of Christmas break so I got a temp job at the University BookStore for 2 weeks. I met my husband, a fellow UBS employee, during that stint. Oh, the magnitude of seemingly small decisions.
13. Both my elbows are double jointed. I can hyperextend them into a 110 degree angle.
14. I can't stand typical picnic fare. Baked beans and cole slaw both make me gag.
15. The Smurf sheets I had on my bed at age 7 are still in the guest bedroom sheet rotaton at my folks' house. When I visit, I'm still sleeping on the Smurfs.
16. I haven't read a fiction book in over 4 years. NF all the way.
17. I kick butt at Ms. Pacman. My long reigning favorite video game.
18. During my travels, I keep the business cards of the indie bookstores I visit. I'd love to own one someday.
19. I grew up miles from one of the best beaches in the US (Clearwater), but I'm really more of a mountains/forests/rivers gal.
20. I've been driving the a purple, manual-transmission Jeep Cherokee for 10 years, and I hope to be driving the same wonderful Cherokee a decade from now.
21. My cat Parker has his own theme song (see #s 1 and 7), the lyrics of which are:
"He's the poops, he's the cat, he's the Pooper Cat. Oh yeah.
He's big boned, he's not fat, he's the Pooper Cat. Oh yeah.
Smells like shit, cuz he shat, he's the Pooper Cat. Hmmm-hmmm.
He's the poops, he's the cat, he's the oneandonly Pooper Cat. OH YEAH!"
I declare copyright on this song should it ever make the bigtime. :)
22. I said I wouldn't get anymore tattoos, but I may have fibbed.
23. I am really thankful for my life right now. I like my job (and am glad to have one), love my husband, family and friends, adore our home, enjoy our location. God is so very good.
24. I cooked a 100% vegan Thanksgiving in 2008. It was fantabulous and delicious.
25. I learned to cook by watching the Food Network. I'm crossing my fingers for a veggie food show in the near future.

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