For our God is a consuming fire.

-Hebrews 12:29

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Celebrations and Lacerations

What a great combo this year: A Valentine's and President's 3 day holiday weekend! The husband and I decided to celebrate by skipping town to a B&B testing our Florida water legs on skis. Neither of us have snow skied that much. Actually, our anniversary weekend almost 3 years ago, marks J's first attempt ever! He did great and even though we never left the kiddie slopes that weekend, we had a blast.

I've been skiing 3-4 times more than that. I have even successfully navigated a few blue trails in my day. So we were venturing out onto the green slopes in PA. Unfortunately, a spill or two too many landed J on his bad shoulder renewing old injuries. :( We stopped early for a breather and it soon became apparent we needed to stop altogether. I felt so bad for him b/c he was in pain, and I knew he was disappointed to have to end our slope time. No matter that. I just wanted him to be feeling better.

Well, it's 2 days later and I think we're going to have to take him to urgent care for some xrays. He may have fractured his shoulder. But putting injuries on the back burner, we had a wonderful Valentine's day evening. We celebrated at the B&B fireside, eating leftovers, sipping wine, sitting on a window seat talking about life and watching the snow fall. It was udderly picturesque (we were at a farm and there were cows and sheep in the background). My love even bought me this AWESOME dress I'd been coveting for weeks, and was waiting to hit sale prices. He bought it for me full price and I love love love it. (I love him too ;) Thanks honey!

The next day we awoke to 2nd homemade breakfast of our stay. In all honesty, we forgotten to tell the owner what time we wanted to get up. As we'd had such an early start the day before, hoping to hit the slopes early, she woke us up at the same time the next day with a shout of "Breakfast is SERVED!" We quickly brushed and lumbered downstairs to be greeted by a huge and hearty breakfast. Perfect for skiers. Woefully heavy for anyone whose immediate plans involved going straight back to bed.

But we ate anyway. Tasty going down. Too bad that's not where it stayed. After sleeping in a few more hours, we left the B&B to head back home. I was sick the entire ride and had to recline the seat back and lay down. Whenever I opened my eyes, the sight of tree limbs wizzing by made me dizzy. The second I walked into our house, I had to race to the bathroom and dear friends...I will leave out the descriptions of this next scene. Suffice it to say, the breakfast didn't stick. And I was in bed from 1:30 pm until 10:30 this morning. Couldn't drink fluids, not even water. The smell of my husband's dinner downstairs several hours later put me back into the bathroom.

I truly think I got food poisoning. I've had it only once before with simliarly unfortunate consequences. Today, I'm feeling better but still weak. Able to eat some egg whites and toast this a.m. and broth for lunch, I'm heading in the right direction. What's the moral to this story? There may be a few:
1. When in doubt, stay on the smaller slope.
2. If you feel iffy about eating anything, just don't.
3. You know it's true love when your dearest empties your pukey trashcan without complaint.

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