For our God is a consuming fire.

-Hebrews 12:29

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Festival Thinking

I'm so excited about this weekend. One of the things on my AblazeyDaisy Do list is to plan and start a vegetable garden. I've been wanting to do this for a few years now, but I've been moving too much to actually do anything about it. 4 residences in 4 years. Drag.

Now, we are getting settled in the DC metro area with no plans of moving again for say sixty-seventy years, or some very long time. So the veggie garden is going to become an actual living, breathing organism this year. This weekend we're going to attend several lectures by Rooting DC on various plant related themes. Several lectures will occur tomorrow in the Carnegie Library (as a librarian I find this to be an amazing extra to the lecture series). Sunday is a half day hands-on workshop on SPIN gardening methods. (Small Plot INtensive gardening, which focuses on high edible yield from small spaces.) I'm so excited I could spit, or dance. I may do both.

In looking over the details of this weekend's schedule, I was explaining to the husband why I was willing to 'give up' my entire weekend for this. He is joining me on the free Saturday lectures, and I am attending the pay-for Sunday workshop solo. We were debating spending the money right after we'd just been privvy to great free info on related topics. I said "I want to put our festival thinking into my everyday life. This is what I want to DO." It's the honest truth.

We love to attend music festivals. Great locations in nature, multiple musicians, camping, strangers become your friends, everyone seems to be a better version of themselves, fewer worries, focusing on great importances like music, sustainability, cooking your own food, sharing with your neighbors. I'd love to feel, act and be like that more often than 4-5 weekends each year. I believe starting a vegetable garden is a great access point to bringing festival thinking into my life regularly. Tending to the soil. Eating what I grow. Sharing with my neighbors. It sounds wonderful. This weekend may be just the entry point I need to learn enough to just get going on it.

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