For our God is a consuming fire.

-Hebrews 12:29

Monday, February 9, 2009

Years-Old Seasoning

Today, my mom went to the doctor to get an x-ray on her neck. In November, both my parents and my granny were in a car accident. Since that time, my mom has been in a permanent halo, screwed into her skull so that her fractured neck won't move and the bones recement themselves. Yesterday was the 3 month 'anniversary' of the accident. Nothing to celebrate of course, but she is supposed to visit the doctor who did the halo surgery this Thursday. He will evaluate the xrays from today and hopefull TAKE THE BLOODY CONTRAPTION OFF HER.

She has been amazing about it. Not being able to move her neck, having to carry a 35lb. device at all times, confined to a world of no periphery vision, not being able to drive or do much of anything she's used to doing, constant tiredness. My dad has dealt with similar angst being a full time care giver to a once energetic wife. I pray that this Thursday is the day of removal!

Meanwhile, my dad and I were IM'ing about our dinner. This family loves it's soup. He had made a split pea for the evening and I have a white bean chili perking in our crock pot. I'd mention how I'd decided to make this particular soup for tonight b/c we were going through our pantry trying to clean it up. I ran across this White Chicken Chili spice packet from I can't remember how long. It was cracking and crusty. But Frugal Fanny that I am, I was determined to use it in my let's pare down our pantry stash dinner attempts.

In explaining the dinner rationale to my dad, I mentioned the "years-old seasoning" packet. It dawned on me that this was a good metaphor for aging. In the middle of all the accident aftermath and therapy turmoil, I know this family is feeling old, fragile. Yet, with each other we maintain our humor, our love, our togetherness, our solidarity. I do not understand why this happened; though I don't the Lord has a plan for all of us through it. I can see the ancillary effect of years of time taking place over mere months as stress, worry and fear try to consume the days.

When my mother is able to have the halo removed, she will have 4 facial scars from the pins. No doubt, countless other unseen scars remain. Years-old seasoning. She has weathered this with an aplomb I could only hope to imitate. I bet that grace comes only with years-old seasoning. The event has made me reevaluate my priorities, thankful to have a job with fewer responsibilites and greater quality of life. Those decisions sometimes come only with the wisdom of age. Years-old seasoning.

I've been scared to post my last blog entry for fear that the person discussed may someday read it and be offended. While that is not my intent, and at least for now, this blog is so far under the radar, I can't see how that would ever happen - if she does...maybe that's one of many reasons I wrote the darn thing. Maybe we'll grow closer through it. And if not, maybe our friendship wasn't meant for longevity. Years-old seasoning. Life is nothing without some spice. I truly hope the essence I'm offering up to the world is a blend that's pleasing to the senses. I'm a huge work in progress; but I'll keep at it until the mix has been perfected. When that happens, I'm placing bets I will be many years old.

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