For our God is a consuming fire.

-Hebrews 12:29

Thursday, March 5, 2009

How Much Pee Would You Need to Pee If Your Pee Needs Need Meet Here?

This true life image stopped me in my tracks today. I was walking to a WW meeting in downtown DC over my lunch hour. (It's different one than I normally attend. It's the location where I joined 3 months ago, but I started going to one on Fridays in VA b/c it was more convenient for my schedule. Nonetheless, I needed a jumpstart back to eating well so today to WW I go).

On the corner of 14th and K Street was a PORT-A-JOHN sitting in the median between the service road and the main street. This is a major intersection of DC! K Street: where all the politics and lobbying happen. 14th Street: another major hot spot for both business and in more recent years clubs. Yet here is this temporary commode unhidden on the median, with no construction anywhere around, no fencing to rope it off. It's just hanging out, waiting for someone so desparate to do their business, they don't care if they drop trough amidst speeding cars, crossing pedestrians and world decisions being made.

Seriously, I really want to know why that plastic poo box is hanging out in this particular spot. It was hilarious. I got some pics with my bberry as that was the only camera I had. Hopefully, the thing will gone soon; but I had to capture this image or no one (besides the other 10 thousand people that will cross that intersection today) would believe me!

This is a great convenience for the homeless folks who hang in Franklin Square Park across the street. Shoot, their life is hard enough. They deserve a close-by wash closet. (Prior to the port-a-potty siting, I'd given a few bucks to my favorite homeless guy this a.m. on the commute in. He hangs out across from the US Treasury right past the 14th Street bridge each day. Sometimes he's selling Washington Times. Most days he's just leaning against the railing. Today he looked really bad, and my heart went doubly out to him. This poor guy needs more than a bathroom. Someday when the traffic is really thick and I'm stuck for a long time, I'm going to ask him his story. Or maybe I'll walk up to him and do the same. ) But why in the middle of an intersection?

How bad off would the rest of us have to be bladder-wise, to use this particular option? The intrigue and suspense of it all.

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