For our God is a consuming fire.

-Hebrews 12:29

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Drive-by Lewding

I was reminded today of a very early episode of Sex and the City, where Miranda was vocally recognized by construction workers each time she entered the Blockbuster. In Baltimore for some work appointments, I was walking on Pratt St., the main drag along the Inner Harbour. Admittedly, I was wearing a pretty cool outfit. I don't say that out of vanity. I do like the outfit, but after yesterday, I've got some 'objective' input that the dress is a keeper. (I like to re-wear stuff before washing it, if it hasn't received a full use. Better for clothe's longevity and my water bill.)

After yesterday's work presentation, a gentleman approached me and said,

"I have a question for you I bet you don't get very often."

"Well, try me. You never know" I replied.

"My wife is a fashionista, and she would love the dress you're wearing. Who is it?" He asked.

"You know, it's Ann Taylor Loft. But I bought a few months ago, and I'm not sure you can even find it online at this point." I said.

"Ann Taylor Loft? Really?" He was incredulous. "It looks like Diane von Ferstenberg!"

"WOW! That is high praise!" I exclaimed.

I kid you not. This is almost verbatim how the conversation went down. I could not believe my cool dress, which I proudly bought on sale after waiting and waiting, was mistaken for a Diane von Ferstenberg. I also couldn't believe that this guy 1. was straight and knew who she was 2. recognized a print and cut that resembled her work and 3. I had not thought of the simliarity myself.
And I hadn't. It wasn't until I got this crazy cool compliment that it dawned on me that YES, this pattern and fit DOES look like Diane's signature style. I left the presentation feeling really good about my outfit, and made a mental note to keep my mind open in the future for designer influences of my bargain buys.

Meanwhile, today I wore the same dress to Baltimore. Walking down the street, a car driving towards me in the lane closest to the sidewalk slows down and a 30-something balding man sticks his head out the window. "Awesome P*ssy, Baby!" he shouts at me.

WHAT THE !?!?!?!? Who says something like that? How degrading! How ridiculous! The nerve and audacity. I stopped walking...I was so taken off guard I just forgot to move. Completely shocked and offended. The idiot buttmunch nastyman drove on, thank goodness. But his offensive words are still giving me shudders. Complete ick. I refuse to let him taint my opinion of a great dress. A person like that probably makes such unfortunate remarks regularly, no matter the type of person or attire.

I wish I had kept walking, even though the driver was probably down a few blocks in no time at all. At least I didn't turn around. I think I'll wash the dress and rewear it this Sunday to church, hopefully giving the dress a positive spin once more. Sheesh.

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