For our God is a consuming fire.

-Hebrews 12:29

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Ears (and Navel) Still Ring

We went to see George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic this weekend. It was a great show. At one point I counted 22 musicians and/or dancers on stage. Old school 4 wheel roller skates, faux fur, ubiquitous rainbow hair extensions, man-baby in XXXL diapers...all the expected ephemera of GC&PF. But I felt a tad on the *old* side. True, of the many 50+ aged concert goers surrounding me, I was well below the funkafied ceiling. And I still got plenty o funk, which I shook and shouted throughout. But I was not nearly as impressed as I may have once been with the hoochie mama onstage, or the gold lame bikini wearing roller girl both there mostly for visual effect. (I guess I didn't as much mind the shirtless muscle man dancer, but to be fair he was there soley for eye candy purposes too.)

I think I was most impressed with Clinton's granddaugher who joined him on stage. That girl had a voice and soul and she was sharing them both. The point is that GC came across as more washed-up than funked-up, and his band of merry makers were less real band members than extras on stage to give the jam a little sometin sometin extra. Weren't the P-Funk once so over the top that any extra was impossible? This is where the *sigh* old feeling part enters. It felt more extra than large. I liked the large. It's fine line between the two.

My ears were still ringing the next day, and I'm glad I went. I just need to remember that my genre appreciation has expanded to included a lot of americana and bluegrass and things more subtly inspired. I'm a fan of music for the sake of the music, and George can bring it! So can his granddaughter. Thank God for the next generations. Traditions can continue and hopefully prevent a jumping of the shark.

Wanting to chronicle my concert goings this year, I started a(nother) list on this site. I'm missing one from January - a small group I'd never heard of before that played at the Galaxy Hut in Arlington. But venues so rarely post their past shows. Dang. Guess I'll use the list so I don't forget anymore.

And in other news...I've lost 9 pounds since mid-December. That's about 3 a month so far. It's some slow going and this week has been bad news bears on the eating front. I determined about day 3 of being completely pissy all the time that I was PMSing, which also explained my hoover like suction of all things edible. I have been tracking, but I've already used up all my weekly allowance points with 2 days left in my track week to go. Can we say exercise? Yes! Can we do exercise!? Well, does my 25 minute walk earlier today count enough for the entire week? Need to focus more on consistency with the exercise program fo shiz.

Not to dismiss the 9 lb loss. That is fabulous and I can tell the difference in a lot of my clothes. To celebrate, I ordered some new belly rings which arrived today. Haven't had a new one in well over a year b/c I was so displeased with the belly. (both first, second and third if we are counting in belly rolls.) Since the rolls are slimming, maybe we'll try a new ring soon.
Also, in today's mail was a postcard I wrote to myself several weeks ago at a WW meeting. It was a mini goal to be reached by March 31st. My goal was to fit into/wear my blue gap work pants sans shame. I haven't tried them on in I can't even say how long. I have 4 weeks to go to reach that goal, but I like the postcard to self idea. Good motivator. That and maybe my new sitting-cat-that-moves-at-neck belly ring.

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