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-Hebrews 12:29

Monday, April 20, 2009


Do you ever start to say a certain word and then halfway through the utterance change your mind and substitute a synonym for the word you'd already started to say? (Do you ever find yourself typing a blog entry whilst very tired and beginning said entry with overly longish sentences?) This weekend, which I will be blogging about more in depth after a good night's rest on a mattress I did not blow up myself, I had a word mash that I think is hilarious.

Brief background: I took French classes in high school and a few years in college. I remember about 1/200th of what I studied; basic bare bones French. This does not stop me from inserting select French words or phrases into my daily vernacular. Choice items such as "A quelle heure est-il?" (What time is it?) I'll ask the husband nonchalantly as I point to my wrist so he knows what I'm saying despite his 20 year memory of Spanish classes, not French. "Je suis fatigue" I'll say aloud when I'm tired (b/c translated it means I'm tired.) One can see the genious of my bilingualism.

One French tidbit I through around frequently is "Quoi?", which simply means What? It sounds much more classy and less Huh? when said with a French accent. Quoi is pronounced qwah. This weekend, I was starting to say Quoi? and halfway through the word, decided to use the English What? instead. So I ended up saying Quaht? and the husband called me out on it.

"Did you just say QUAHT?!" By now, he's used to me saying the French word, and found my mash-up mistake amusing. And for the remainder of our vacation weekend, quaht was the question to ask if you missed something. (A frequent occurance during a 4 day music festival where it is loud most hours of the day and night.) I have a feeling this addition to our bantering vocab is going to be around longer than the vacation.

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